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"We are mermaids on a mission to inspire and motivate children to create a clean water future through education in classrooms, creeks, and cinemas."



Only if we meet our fundraising goals we can implement the below programs and initiatives. Donate today and see the results in your community tomorrow.

01. 2016-17

1. Reach 1,000 + students with our classroom presentations in public, private, and charter schools, home school groups, and public outreach events.

With our Mermaids for Clean Water Poster Contest we will engage students to create mermaid inspired art pieces that an be used to educate the public about water quality issues.

2. Coordinate a large family volunteer base to collect at least 500 trash bags of litter by Sept 2017 from the Barton Creek Greenbelt and McKinney Falls State Park.

3. Support local artists through the creation of an educational mermaid coloring book focusing on water issues and marine and aquatic habitats and wildlife. Raise artist's market value by hosting a live art auction every April.

4. Create an educational mermaid calendar highlighting the social diversity of Austin and how we are connected through a shared community need for clean water.







02. 2017-18

1. Produce the first ever Austin based documentary for children and adults about aquifers using mermaids as educators.

2. Grow a large following connecting children to nature from their devices.

3. Implement a marine science, underwater photography, and free diving educational mermaid summer camp program in the Florida Keys for middle school students.

4. Reach 2,000 + students and families with our expanded outreach programs by offering them in Spanish.

5. Host fun and free community events to connect people with nature and water, including mermaid tea parties on location at local springs and with the tea water being filtered on site.

03. Long Term

1. We envision creating 6 full length, educational documentary films for children using mermaids as educators on the following water topics: estuaries, sharks and manta rays, marine mammals, coral reefs, rivers, and aquifers.

2. Working with local restaurants and businesses to put a moratorium on extruded polystyrene (commonly called"Styrofoam") products in Austin.

“I deeply believe the work you are doing to educate and connect youth with the environment and especially water is the most important and wise investment we can make as a society.”

-David Baker, supporter of Mermaids for Clean Water and Water Activist



Classroom Presentations

We offer in classroom, auditorium, and library presentations in single bookings or as a series of three lessons in the following subject areas that are correlated to Texas Education Standards for the following grades:

K-4: Read Aloud of the Bill Pete book No Such Things

K-4: Single Use Plastics

K-4: Aquatic Ecology

K-12: Mermaid Poster Contest Art lesson


Contact Lindsay about scheduling a presentation through our Contact Us tab on this site.



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